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doctor mommy kip van den bos . @tobi,
Some good reasons to use Subjects / Content Warnings here on the fedi Toggle visibility
  • It lets people opt-in to reading whatever you're discussing.
  • It allows people with traumas and triggers time to reflect before opening something.
  • You can use them to set up joke punchlines.
  • Instead of putting "🧵 2/??" or whatever at the bottom of your posts, you can put the post number in the subject field instead and it makes your thread easier to navigate.
  • Collapsed posts take up way less space on the timeline, making it easier to navigate.
  • People will still read your posts (I promise okay?), and opting in to reading something is more meaningful than being forced to read it anyway.
  • Subjects / Content Warnings are well supported across pretty much all fedi software.

Please add Subject / CW to your posts!

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doctor mommy kip van den bos . @tobi,

@lydia yeah that's fair, I mean I'm not saying 'always use them', or 'use them for inoccuous posts too', but I have noticed fewer people in general using them lately, and it can make the timeline rather overwhelming

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doctor mommy kip van den bos . @tobi,
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@lydia yeah that's a sensible approach, I was feeling pretty overwhelmed and anxious yesterday, and everything on the timeline made me feel agitated and sad, so I just logged off :P But I think sometimes the timeline can cause that itchy agitation too, if people are posting un-CWd doom and gloom (which seems to happen a lot more of late). That's the kind of thing where I'll read it if I'm feeling OK, but I like to avoid it if I know it'll contribute to a build up of bleh. You see what I mean?

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